7K Metals Reviews 2024-Legit, Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Do you want to know whether 7K Metals is a scam? Well, in this review, we are going to investigate whether the company is legit. It would be really bad if you were ripped off and that’s why we spend so much time evaluating their claims, prices, features and how they operate.

Who Is 7K Metals?

7K Metals Reviews

The company was founded in 2016 by Josh Anderson, Zach Davis and Richard Hansen. They were frustrated with the high prices of gold and silver, thus created an easier way for people without tons of money to buy these metals. So, they founded 7k Metal’s, and MLM Company which makes it possible for anyone to invest the little they have and build up their own precious metal stack.

Why Is 7K Metals Trending?

Well, are you wondering why 7K Metals is trending so much nowadays? Is it because they are using some form of magic?

Nope! Other than their intensive advertising on TV and online platforms, they just created a plan that makes it easy for anyone to get their own precious metals.

The company offers precious metals for people who want to invest in the market without having that many resources. They provide a way for someone to buy as little as $20 each month, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with all the money at once.

So, if you have been wondering what all the hype is about with this company and how they work, you now have the answer.

The reason that so many people love investing in precious metals is because it gives them a way to hedge against inflation. For example, if you invest the same amount of money every week with gold as an investment (instead of just putting your cash in a savings account), you will see your money grow with the rising value of gold.

With this system, we can invest in precious metals without having to buy an entire bar or coin– which not everyone has access too.

This company also provides customers with education on investing as well as how to sell their investments if they want out before it is time for them to renew their contracts. They have been around since 2016 and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

So far, there have only been two reported complaints that were closed within 24 hours from when BBB contacted them through email about the issue at hand. So they seem like a legitimate business who values customer satisfaction and creating relationships.

What Do They Offer?

7k Metals offers precious metals which include coins, bars and jewelries. In their coins, there is an assortment of choices including platinum and palladium.

They also offer fine metals which include gold bars in various weights ranging from one to ten ounces as well as silver bars in different sizes starting at a half ounce.

The various options available to you are a great convenience for deciding what is best for your needs.

This flexibility in their products makes it an easy decision when choosing where to invest your money.

7K Metals also offers two membership levels: basic and premium.

Basic membership is for an annual fee of $249.

Premium membership costs $449 per year and has a few more benefits than the basic level.

Some examples are:

  • The ability to purchase certain coins at discounted rates;
  • Annual Business Builder credit

There’s also an affiliate program that has the potential to make you money through referring family and friends to the site.

How Does It Work?

Getting started with 7K Metals is simple:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Choose your plan then pay monthly or yearly
  • Choose your autoSaver coin.

Once you’ve completed the 3 steps, you can now sit back and enjoy the lower metals prices. You will need to share your referral link with friends, family etc if interested in earning money from referrals.

Fees and Pricing

There are two membership levels at 7k Metals; basic and premium levels. Basic level goes for $249 + $250 Travel Savings card = $499. Premium level goes for $499 + $500 Travel savings card = $999.

Is 7K Metals a Scam?

To know whether they are legitimate or scam, we need to look at what their website says about them and how the company is run.

From our research, it seems that this company has been in operation for a while and has run a successful multi-level marketing campaign to help them grow.

The company is run by people who are experienced in the field of precious metals investing, which gives us hope that they know what they’re doing. However, their multi-level marketing approach has led to the company being regarded as a pyramid scheme and many investors are skeptical about their products and services.

Basically, a pyramid scheme is a company that offers commission to people who recruit other workers with the promise of an easy way to earn money through commissions on sales and recruiting more members. They are popular because they claim you can get rich quickly, but in reality most people don’t make any substantial income from them at all.

Are There Better Alternatives?

7K metals may offer an affordable platform for investors to acquire precious metals even on low budget. However, you need to be cautious that this might seem too good to be true because it is a risky business model–you are investing in purchasing products just as much as building an online business or affiliate marketing opportunity which means the failure rate is high here than most traditional businesses .

One of the best alternatives for your needs in this area is Goldco Direct. Goldco has been around since 2006 and they offer great service as well as a high-quality product selection at an affordable price. They also offer also offers nationwide shipping on all orders which is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Goldco Direct offers some of the lowest prices available online and it seems like they always have something new, and this makes them perfect for any project you have in mind whether it be something small or large, these guys will give you what you need to complete your work. This company also offers precious metals IRA ’s as well which is a great way to diversify your portfolio.

The staff of Goldco have been very helpful with my questions and I feel confident that this company will be around for years to come. If you are looking for the best possible price on gold, silver or platinum then you should not have any reservations about using Goldco Direct today.

In conclusion, if you want the most affordable high-quality metals and lowest precious metals IRA fees in the United States then we recommend going through our review of them here.

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