Regal Assets Affiliate Program

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From the Desk of Robert Powell:

Hey! Whats going on? My name is Powell, I’m 34 years young and I got started with the Regal Assets Affiliate Program in December 2013. Within my first 30 Days of promoting Regal Assets I generated just over  $21,353.92 with my website(s).

If you aren’t sure what Regal Assets is, its a precious metals company that help retirees invest in Gold and Silver so that they have some stabilization for their retirement. They truly are a great company who offer excellent services, they also have really awesome affiliate support.

Ready to start earning commissions like me? Sign up for the Regal Assets Affiliate Program. There are tons of affiliates just like you who have earned $20,000, $30,000 and even $50,000+ per month each! If I earned a $21,353.92 commission from just one small transaction within my first 30 days as a Regal Gold Affiliate, just imagine how much you can earn when you get a big transaction!

As exciting as this all is, there is a stipulation. You must be approved to become a Regal Assets Affiliate. Why? Because they want to make sure that they’re only partnering with serious affiliate marketers (like you and me).

Getting Approved For Your Regal Assets Affiliate Account

Getting approved for your Regal Assets Affiliate account is actually pretty easy but not a lot of people know how to do it. Ive heard of potential affiliates waiting as long as 60 days to get their application approved. I however, got approved within 2 days. Heres how you can to!

  • Step 1: Regal Assets wants to see that youre serious about promoting their services. To show this, setup a basic WordPress website. Setup your website here (takes less than 5 minutes). Choose a domain name thats congruent to Gold, Gold IRA, IRA Rollovers, Investing in Gold, etc.
  • Step 2: They take into account the design of your website. You don’t need something super fancy, a basic WordPress Theme will do. Go here and grab a basic looking WordPress Theme.
  • Step 3: Write your first post! This can be anything from a gold IRA company review, to current event news regarding precious metals investments. As long as its congruent to the Regal Assets market, your should be good to go.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, simply click the big orange Submit My Application button and fill out your affiliate application! Once you’re approved, I’ll send you an email giving you full access to my marketing tricks and tips. You’ll get my personal Skype and Ill do everything in my power to help you bank as a Regal Assets Affiliate! Nothing is held back, just sign up using the big yellow button below.

If you’re already a Regal Assets Affiliate and would like to be placed under my 2nd tier, so you can get all of my affiliate marketing strategies that banked me $21,353.92, send an email to and asked to be moved to my 2nd tier affiliate line. As long as you aren’t already in someone else 2nd tier, your affiliate manager will move you.

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