Wholesale Direct Metals Reviews- Gold IRA, Complaints

This is a review of wholesale direct metals for you. Today, we are reviewing Wholesale Direct Metals to see if they offer the products that people want, what their prices are like, how easy it is to buy from them as well as whether or not they’re scamming customers.

About Wholesale Direct

Wholesale Direct Metals Reviews

Based in Pacific Palisades, California, Wholesale Direct is a family-owned business that specializes in purchasing metals, and reselling these materials to commercial customers. The company is headed by Adam Gruen, an expert in the field.

The company has been around since 2006, offering both large commercial clients as well as smaller companies at discounted prices while still maintaining their high quality standards.

How Does It Work?

How Wholesale Direct Metals Works

All you have to do is choose the metals of your liking, and their online system will generate a list of prices for you and allow you to purchase the metals with just a few clicks.

You can track your order status by entering in your email address or phone number, which is very convenient when it comes to purchasing long-term supplies.

Their customer service department has been reported as being one of the best in the industry, due to its prompt response time and knowledgeable staff members that are always happy to help out. They offer 24/365 contact options such as chat or phone line so they’re never too far from helping solve any issues customers may experience.

Wholesale Direct Products

Wholesale Direct Metals offers precious metal such as gold bars and American Silver Eagles among others. They claim on their website that “Since 2006″ has been in business so this company has an extensive reputation for being reputable with over 100 million dollars’ worth of satisfied customers worldwide.”

Do They Offer Gold IRA’s?

Yes – Wholesale Direct provides both gold IRA plans and silver IRAs on top of all the other metals they offer. They partner with Sterling Trust Company to provide custody for all of your precious metals.

Pricing and Fees

Prices vary depending on which precious metal you’re looking to invest in, but they seem competitive with other companies when comparing them directly. You can find out more by checking out our blog post about how much gold costs right now.

The best way to buy from this company is through their website where you will be able to see all the different products and compare pricing across each type. Orders have a minimum purchase amount so it’s always wise to check that before ordering as well. Shipping charges vary depending on the weight of your order but will typically be around $37 within the US as well as international orders outside North America.

Wholesale Direct Metals Customer Reviews, Comments and Complaints

Wholesale Direct Metals Trustlink

The company has excellent customer reviews on Trustlink which indicates that they have very responsive customer service who seem happy to solve any issues or concerns quickly and effectively.

Below are a few examples:

– I have been a customer for the last three years. We love this company because they are always on time with our orders and their prices can’t be beat anywhere else! This is definitely one of my favorite companies to order from so if you’re looking for gold or silver bullion coins at some of the best rates around then check out Wholesale Direct Metals today. – “Thank you wholesale direct metals.”

– “I have been a customer of WDM for over five years now and am very satisfied with their products, pricing, and excellent customer service.” – “The prices were low here but the shipping was also fast which is always nice when you’re in a hurry to get what you need before your deadline.”

As mentioned above, nothing but good things about these guys.

Is Wholesale Direct a Scam?

No, Wholesale Direct is definitely not a scam, based on their TrustLink score and customer reviews. They are also accredited with the BBB, so you can rest assured that they’re a legitimate company.

Are there Better Alternatives?

There are a few alternatives that offer better products and awesome customer service. One such company is Goldco, our top-rated company. Goldco offers lower prices and a higher quality than Wholesale Direct Metals, plus they offer flat rate shipping fee of $25 for orders over $2500.

Another company we recommend is Regal Assets, which also has great customer service as well as wholesale rates on coins of all types. Regal Assets also offers secure storage and have a 4.9 star rating overall.

If you are interested in gold IRA’s and want to find out more about which company is the best for you, please read about our top 5 precious metals companies.


Wholesale Direct boasts one of the best customer service in the industry, in addition to lower shipping fees and top quality metals. The company also boasts great reviews on TrustLink.


The company partners with Sterling Trust Company for precious metals IRA’s which means they are not a real custodian and can make the whole undertaking extremely costly. If you are looking to rollover your IRA/401K to precious metals, you may need to look elsewhere.

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We’ve noted that Wholesale Direct Metals is a great company with quality products and sales. However, the fact that they partner with Sterling Trust Company is concerning as this shows that they are not a real Gold IRA custodian.

The reviews we’ve noted in this article have only been about the company and their product offerings. We hope to revisit them for a more thorough review after they have made some changes, which hopefully will happen soon.